No Time for Weight Loss?

You may think you have no time for weight loss over the holiday season, but think about your goals in life. Do you want to lose weight and make a permanent lifestyle change? You should learn more about Detox Fitness Camp near French Lick, Indiana. Owner Dave Marshall will cater to your every need and help you get in shape for the holiday season. It is time to lose weight now.

Detox Dave Marshall
Yoga Class at Detox Fitness Retreat.
Dave and Wendy Henry Marshall, French Lick Indiana, Weight Loss Retreat

Dave Marshall and his wife Wendy Henry Marshall at Elk Ridge Ranch and Detox Oasis fitness retreats, French Lick, Indiana.

Dave Marshall, Author: Marshall Law:  Raw Foods to Red Meats

Detox Dave Marshall Weight Loss Fitness Retreat

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing -Self Administered Colemea BoardColon cleansing is a great way to remove toxins from  your body and jump start a weight loss program.  When you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try colon cleansing may be the answer.  When your colon isn’t working properly it gets sluggish and you may feel tired, have no energy and have difficulty working out.  Doing a colon cleansing can result in a burst of energy.  Find out more about the benefits of colon cleansing by visiting my site


Detox Oasis Retreat

Detox Dave

Detox Dave juice fasting at Detox Oasis Detox Retreat


One of the benefits about coming to Detox Oasis Retreat to lose weight is that you can take advantage of the group support of individuals trying to meet common goals.  Or if you need personal space, just relax in the tranquility of your room or on country walks while you escape the pressures of life at home and concentrate on your personal physical and emotional health.  Many people who have weight issues are very successful even perfectionists in other aspects of life.  Our client list includes models getting ready for their next photo shoot; busy executives who spend a lot of time entertaining clients but not enough time relaxing; work-at-home mom’s who need a healthy get-a-away; retired individuals who are looking for a new zest in life;  young adults preparing for military assignments or athletic events; health coaches like yoga teachers; fitness professionals, chiropractors, dentists or massage therapists who need to indulge in what they practice; people who have had life-long weight management issues they need to tackle and clients who have just experienced a life-changing event like death of a loved-one, career change or divorce.  We’ve had success with clients who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and are looking for a healthy diet to help cure cancer, multiple sclerosis, candida, depression or other autoimmune disorders like lupus and arthritis.  Some clients are trying to make lifestyle changes due to over indulgence or addictions to food, work, drugs or alcohal.  Others are just looking for a way to spend their vacation time that will promote healthy living.

Lose Weight Fast

If you are looking for a way to lose weight fast then you should consider visiting Detox Oasis Retreat.  Detox Oasis retreat is located on a private farm in a beautiful rural setting in southern Indiana.  Think of it as and adult weight loss camp in a tranquil country setting with holistic approaches and fitness schedules to meet the needs of each individual. Our aggressive fast and cleanse program is the “lose weight fast” program.  If your metabolism has gotten sluggish and you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you try, this program will work for you.  Our cleanse uses a combination of psyllium husk shakes, wheat grass or spirulina green drinks, natural herbal supplements and juice fasting to meet your weight loss goals.  Our detox program in unique because we combine an aggressive fitness program with the diet and nutrition to accelerate your progress.


Master Cleanse and Cleansing Programs


Juices to drink during a juice fast at Detox Oasis. The greener the drink the faster you lose weight.


Have you ever tried a cleansing program like Master Cleanse or a lemon juice cleanse?  Trying cleansing programs at home can be challenging.  When you start a cleansing program, you usually have a “healing crisis” which is an emotional period you reach before you hit the “euphoric, energetic” phase of the cleanse.  If you want to stick with the fitness program but need some help getting back on track it helps to attend a program like the ones offered at Detox Oasis.  We have trained professionals who can walk you through every step of the detox program.  Plus if you have trouble sticking with a diet and exercise program, we our detox fitness program will help you.  When other diet and exercise programs fail, our Detox Oasis program helps you stay on track with the support from your trainer and the group dynamics at our retreat.